Planning a Family Holiday

Those of you planning a group or family holiday this year can find a variety of ways to save on your holiday costs. Not least by choosing a family travel insurance plan rather than individual travel insurance packages.

With family travel insurance, your party if insured as a group, saving the trouble and cost of having to insure the members of your party individually. Insurers define family in different ways, so be sure to check their definition before you buy.

Your family need not travel together all the time either. Anyone who is signed up tot the family or group policy can enjoy insurance cover wherever they travel to, whether they do so with the family in tow or not.

Even more money can be saved when you opt for a policy that provides free cover for children. Some companies will offer free insurance for any child travelling with a named adult, while some will only offer complimentary cover to children who are aged two or under.

As insurers know, not all families will want to name two parents on a policy. For this reason providers will most usually offer a single parent family product so that single parent families can also benefit from reduced travel insurance rates.

Some restrictions do apply to family policies. As well as some policy providers restricting the number of children who can be named on a policy, they may also restrict the age of those children. Older children named on a policy may wish to travel separately from parents but for your group insurance to be valid, they must travel with one of the adults named on the policy.

As travellers over the age of sixty-five are considered to have a much higher medical risk than younger family members, people in this age group cannot usually obtain group or family insurance. It is possible for someone in this age group to be named on such a policy, but you should expect to pay a much higher premium to do so.

Within the group and family insurance range, those looking for group insurance have the several options to pick from, including annual policies providing insurance cover for travel over a one-year period, or one-trip insurance which will cover a single foreign holiday only.