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Planning an Outstanding Family Road Trip

Despite all its ups and downs and a thrilling roller coaster ride, family road trips are highly recommended. The best aspect of these trips is the flexibility you can enjoy, driving by and stopping whenever you wish.

There’s no better way to connect with your family and truly enjoy some quality time. The wonders of a family road trip can only be enjoyed if a high level of planning is done. Despite the best plans, a lot can awfully go wrong. It can turn out to be nightmarish if you’re traveling with little children where a smooth ride seems like a dream you can’t achieve.

With all these reality checks in mind, undoubtedly family road trips are the most rewarding journeys you can possibly take. Let’s take a look at some of the finest ways to survive them.

1. Create a Master Plan

Just knowing where you’re traveling to would not so awful elsewhere, but it surely is on a family road trip. Thorough planning is one essential ingredient for the recipe of a wonderful family road trip. Although it might seem very thrilling to dump everything in a car and enjoy the roads, the challenges are many. The map is the key to survive it, and it is important to trace your route before you travel. Spending some time after family dinners can be ideal to chalk out a sensible plan. It’s extremely important to engage your children and take their help. While you’re planning, it is wise to consider several important aspects such as the budget, stopovers, car conditions and the weather forecasts.

2. Stopping should be Meaningful

When traveling with kids, you can seldom have a no-stop journey. This is because they’ll become extremely restless and would want to escape the prison-like seatbelts. Meaningful stopovers are very important for your family. Many places in-between would have interesting attractions to look at. Where there is nothing substantial, it would be great to make your own ones. Encourage your children to pick up symbolic things from the destination, such as sand, stickers or unique leaves so that they can put them up in their scrapbook. Focusing on the ‘now’ is extremely important if you want to truly enjoy the road trip!

3. The Distance Check

Reality checks are essential if you’re planning a road trip with your family. Even when you can happily drive non-stop on your own, don’t assume the same for your little children. Little ones can become really cranky and give you a tough time while traveling. Constantly nagging and questioning about the remaining journey time is must experience on a family road trip. Being realistic about the duration is important for you so you can keep your children entertained along the way.

How to Plan and Enjoy The Ultimate Family Vacation

Planning an ultimate family vacation that’s awesome and fun for the whole family starts with choosing the ultimate family vacation destination. After that’s chosen, all that’s left to do is decide on the fun activities you’ll do when you’re finally out on your family vacation. It seems much easier said than done, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be such a hassle, though. Instead of sitting at your computer desk tearing your hair out as you frantically plan the ultimate family vacation, keep calm and keep these handy little tips in mind. They’re sure to lead you to a great vacation with your family.

1. Choose a place with space for the kids to run around

As previously stated, planning the perfect vacation to take with the whole family starts with choosing an amazing family vacation destination. The best places that are sure to induce smiles and giggles in even the grumpiest of family members are destinations that have a lot of room for the kids to roam free. Allow the kids to play make-believe in the mountains or have a blast hiking seemingly secret trails in the woods. Children love adventure, and the best place to find adventure is the great outdoors.

2. Get family bonding time in fresh air

Get away from the smog and smoky skies of the city, and take your family to a beautifully serene and natural landscape where they can breathe and take in pretty sights. The family that enjoys nature together stays together.

3. Choose a place where the family can disconnect for a while

Get away from all the beeps of cellphones, the dings of the computer alerts, and the buzzing of the alarm clocks with your family. Choose a family vacation destination that will allow your family to disconnect and give you real time to just enjoy each other’s company and conversations.

4. Pick a place that offers fun events

When planning, be sure to choose a vacation spot that has fun events going on in the area. How can you find out if there are events going on in areas you’re thinking of taking the family? Easy – just head over to the city’s tourism website and check out the events calendar. If you can’t find one on the city’s website, a quick Google search for city events will fix that little problem right up. It’s well worth the research, because what could possibly be more fun than enjoying parades and city fairs with your family? (The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing!)

5. Find a place with fun family activities offered

Just imagine the giggles and smiles you’ll receive when your family learns that you’ve planned a trip to a family vacation destination that offers cool activities like snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, golfing, snowmobiling, and off-roading! Don’t forget to choose a destination that offers great spas and treatments in the area to surprise your spouse with!

Top Ten Things To Consider When Planning a Family Vacation

If you want to have the most wonderful experience in your family vacation Safari, below are some of the most critical factors that you must consider when planning for that Safari especially when it involves underage children.

This is because a family generally comes with different ages and interests. Not to worry, with some proper planning and early research you can easily organize and book a family vacation site that will make everyone happy.

Get Together

Sit down with your kids and let them know where they are going to for their vacation. Talk to them about the mode of transportation you intend to use, for example, in the case of a flight they must know about the security check-ins, waiting to board the planes and many other things. A family get together is also a perfect time to talk about any expectations and rules you might have for that Safari and also to listen to their concerns. Allow your teens to bring along a friend if they insist.

Be Prepared

Give to each member of the family a list of items that they will need to bring with them on your family vacation. The items include travelling documents, swimming costumes, first aid kit and anti-malaria drugs. Just to make sure you don’t forget anything, check passports and visas several months before the Safari trip. If your teens wants to bring a friend along, make sure they come with an authorization letter fully signed by their parents and must include the parents’ phone numbers.


Seven days is great when travelling with kids because it’s not too long that they will get bored.Younger children acclimatize to new environment faster. A quiet and relaxed environment with your family is perfect for helping you connect and get to know your kids better.

Mode Of Transportation

Transportation fully depends on your budget and the place you want to go with your kids for the family vacation Safari. Before making any decision, here are some of the few things you must look into:
Do your kids fight a lot? If so then long family car rides will help solve the disaster
Can your kids sit quietly? If so then you can go for flights and road trips
Do your kids get motion sickness easily? If so, avoid cruises

Happiness Of Your Babies And Teens

It’s best to consider the likes, dislikes and the needs of the babies and the teenagers in your family since they tend to be the most demanding. If they are not happy during that Safari trip then no one is.

Age Appropriateness Of Activities

So your teen wants to go white water rafting and your kid wants to go see big birds, obviously neither is the best choice for both of them according to their age groups. As a good planner, make sure you come up with a solution that will make them all happy. Some of the favored spots that little ones and teens both love is beaches and theme parks, make sure you include them in your trip to avoid unexpected tears from your little ones or teens.

Make It Special

Let every member of your family choose what they’d like to do during your vacation. This will allow everyone to feel more involved and will get the vacation off to a great start. Let the children do the research on the internet to get what they’d like to do.

Expect The Unexpected

Take a few additional items such as a change of clothes and bathing suits in case you lose your luggage. You should also bring a baby’s wipe and bags that are zip locked in case of accidents. Think ahead and plan for occurrences such as air travel cancellations and delays, illness and bad weather.

Leave At The Right Time

If your child has a sleep schedule, consider that when making the plans for your Safari trip. If travelling by plane, make sure you leave extra time for connections and if travelling by car, avoid traffic jams by travelling early in the morning or later in the evening.

Allow For Private Time

Family vacations do not necessarily mean spending every waking hour together as a family. Everyone needs a break sometimes and especially teens and young adults. Be honest with yourselves about your needs for time alone and build it into your Safari.

3 Surefire Ways To Pick The Wrong Family Vacation Destination

When it comes to vacation destinations, you and your family have a plethora of choices. Where you decide to go is done so for a variety of reasons, and when it is time to come home, everyone is a little bummed out because they had so much fun. However, for all of the great vacations we can have, there are just as many people out there who have had the worst experience they could have imagined.

Most travel experts give advice about ways to make the most out of your vacation, but they are also sure to note that there are ways to avoid picking the wrong place to go. Here are three ways travel gurus say will make for a bad vacation:

1. Planning a Trip During Peak Times – A vacation, for all of the fun & relaxation that is involved, takes planning ahead of time. One important part of you research is understanding when the possible destination is at its busiest. You and your family are trying to get away from the annoyances of life & enjoy yourselves. But if you go during peak season, you’ll be fighting the crowds during the entire trip.

2. Not Doing Your Research – Certainly, if you didn’t take the time to find out about avoiding peak times for your vacation spot, there is a very good chance you may not have looked carefully enough at the possible destination and how it fits your family. Travel writers and guides note that the ways families hurt their chances for a solid vacation is by a) going somewhere that doesn’t have the activities they’d like; b) getting to and around takes up way too much valuable time; and c) not taking the time to figure out a budget.

3. Waiting Until the Last Minute – Perhaps the single most important factor in picking the wrong family vacation destination is procrastination. Much the same way cramming for a test can lead to a bad test performance, so, too, does waiting until the last minute to plan and book your trip. Depending on how you intend on traveling, you may have priced yourself out of reasonable airfare. When it comes to lodging, you may have to concede amenities because there are no vacancies. If you plan on driving a rental while on your trip, there may not be vehicles available. Worst yet, though, is you waited until too long and decided that you’d travel somewhere because it was cheaper and there was room.

Vacations are supposed to be fun, exciting, and provide a sense of well-being and calm for everyone. Life is too full of stressful situations, and the last thing you want to do is let the same stress affect how your successful your vacation could be. Take a little bit of time to sit down and make a plan ahead of time. Use it as an opportunity to have some family time. This way, as you plan, everyone has a chance to provide some input, and as a family, you slowly & steadily develop the ultimate family trip.

Things To Consider When Planning a Tour With Family

Tours can be planned based on your interests and also based on your financial condition at the time. Tours can be local or they could be to some international location. In modern times life has changed into something mechanical. These tours that one plan tends to keep relationships in place and improves love and bonding between family members. Though tour planning can be exciting, they also tend to be stressful and time-consuming as the interests of every member needs to be considered. This combined discussion will mark the start of being together and sharing time.

The most important considerations to be made when planning a tour are listed below.

Family interests

Everybody in the family will have their own hopes and interests when it comes to touring. Children may want to visit a place that has a lot of fun and activities going on. Preferences vary, but when making a group decision you would be able to finalize a place that caters to everybody’s interest. Some in the family may want fun in an amusement park and others may want some relaxed time in the beach, in such situations try to plan a tour incorporating both. Planning in the best interest of your family will only happen if you know their interests.


Planning and budgeting your family tour makes a ton of difference. Just like you plan the rest of your tour with regards to places to visit and things to do, it is essential to have a budget in place. You need to take everything such as accommodation, food and transportation into consideration based on the length of the stay. Based on the size of your family, you need to allot specific and reasonable amounts for each factor. Also consider entertainment too. It is vital to ensure that all the members of the family are satisfied thoroughly.

Deciding the travel time and date

If the family has children it is vital to ensure that they do not miss school on the pretext of tour. Planning the tour on their school breaks will take care of this issue. It is also important that you take seasons into consideration. Not all areas will have the same climatic conditions that your state has and so you need to be vigilant and plan accordingly.

Prepare and get the documentation ready

If you are taking an international tour make sure to have your passports in place. Get passports for individuals that do not have one. Ensure you book your tickets and carry them without fail. Take a look at discounts that may be given to group travel packages. This way you would be saving money too.